Work Culture

Work Culture

Transparent Working Style


Transparency is the key to promote a culture of trust in the management.We feel that a transparent work culture will foster better relationships with optimistic solutions and also would keep the entire team engaged towards one another.


Assertive style of communication


The style of communication is very assertive.We feel that it is very important to follow a style of communication wherein the employees have the freedom to voice out their opinions and willing to give their suggestions without having a fear of being judged by their collegues.


Our work style is transparent


The activities and strategies undertaken are well informed and communicated to all our clients to maintain transparency.Communication plays a major role while providing optimum solutions to our clients.


Flexible working hours


We donot follow the conventional style of working wherein the employees are confined to certain working hours and is expected to be at workspace at a set time.We believe creativity comes at its best when the employees are not confined to anything.Our work is more of creative and less of being bound to restrictions and rules.


Work is never a burden, it is always a source of happiness


We are very proud when our employees tell us that they are everyday looking forward to coming to work and unleashing a new side of creativity. Our aim is not to build pressure, but to build an individual so that he/she can grow professionally and also work for themselves on a personal front.


Cordial and Healthy relationship among team members


Our team is our biggest strength.We ensure that we always remain united not just inside office but also outside our work.The employees are less of colleagues and more of friends.We work, we initiate ,we strategize and we execute.


Fun, Laughs and gigs are as important as goals and targets


Laughter is the best medicine and when practiced at work , it becomes the best remedy for stress. Our workspace and work culture is such that we cannot work under stress also we hate to see our employees be in stores. To curb the same we amalgamate Fun and laughter with our targets and goals so that they are easily achievable.


We believe in equality of members and diversity of ideas


Team becomes a team when everyone is treated equally irrespective of his role, support and contribution which he/she gives to the organistion. We all are working for one goal and one aim and to accomplish the same ideas from any team member are always welcomed.


Appreciation and Motivation are given due importance


We feel that an employee gives his/her best shot when he/she knows that the effort will be appreciated. Our style of appreciating is again very creative which every employee looks forward too.We also feel that it is important to motivate our employees on timely basis so that they are working with same dedication.


Games , team building activities makes us united and together


Games and fun activities makes us united and together always.Business Games and outdoor games are played on every weekend to make our employees take a break from their weekly work and relax on the weekends. These games are fun, but also has learning which is incorporated at work.


Creativity in not just the walls but also in ideas


We are not just digital marketers, we are creative people who everyday bring ideas to workspace for brands we serve and also for campaigns we initiate from our end.Working at a creative and artistic workspace fosters creativity in our style of working as well.


Healthy Discussions and Coffee meets to better the work and performance


The conventional meetings are replaced with coffee meets wherein all the employees get together and discuss the ideas which need to be put in use to better the services offered.These meets are also for appreciation and motivating the employees.


We focus not just in your professional growth, but also your personal growth


We believe that it is very important for our employees to grow and evolve everyday. An organisation grows with its people and the people are the main pillars of every organization. We ensure that every member associated with us is working on his /her personal branding which will be put to use eventually.


A good Work/Life balance


For any employee to be happy in his job, it is very important for time to have a good work/Life balance.Our employees are able to strike an equal balance between their personal and professional life which enables them to work effectively and efficiently.


Working not under pressure,but in leisure


We donot work under pressure has we feel it would hamper our creativity and productivity.We rather feel working efficiently and not working exhaustively.Our workspace has vibes of a carefree environment which gives a lounge kind of a look with music from various genres is always playing.