Acquiring Success with 47 Bucks | Digital Series


Acquiring Success with 47 Bucks | Digital Series

Often, it’s the smallest flames burn the brightest.

And most stories begin with an idea. A protagonist. An impossible mission. A will to do something different and above all a happy ending.

In less than two years since its inception, Digital Series is considered amongst the top-notch digital companies of Chandigarh.

To imagine the story starts with our founder Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary, the 47 rupees he had in his pocket and an idea to open a different kind of digital marketing agency.

The first step, pitching the idea of DBM to his older cousin, Mr. Rahul Sood, a successful marketing consultant. What is DBM? you ask, well the core of our story, the idea that would revolutionize the way brands approach Digital Marketing Strategies.

The beginning of Digital Series was humble. Armed with the experience of about a decade in marketing and a 3-member team, Mr. Nitin was providing services to a couple of brands even before the official first day of operations. The team initially faced many challenges while educating clients about Digital Brand Management and convincing them that this is the future of brand management. However, their ardent efforts helped them confront the challenges and achieve break-even within the first 6 months.

Officially the company came into being on 27th September 2017 as an agency and was expanded as an institution, providing on the job training, where students are provided with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge pertaining to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Initially, both the brands as well as the students were provided with 3 options i.e. 3 DBM as well as 3 academic courses which were then all streamlined to one for the efficient functioning of both the agency as well as the institute.

What sets Digital Series truly apart from its competition is our want to provide our client with the best experience while working with us to ensure this we currently are serving three industries.

As of now, Digital Series is providing services to three industries:

• Education Sector
• Real Estate & Builders
• Healthcare & Beauty

The company focuses on Digital Brand Management with three components taking the center stage – content, marketing, and photography. Each is universally known to depend on the other for true effectiveness while running a campaign. Our unified thought remains to be able to keep up with the changing dynamics of digital marketing turning into marketing digitally.
Our first campaign #KnowYourDigital was conducted in the form of marketing seminars and workshops to educate the Tri-City area in the fast-paced environment of digital marketing and necessity that is knowing how it works. Covering various college and universities we managed to give a fair amount of marketing and advertising students the tools to transform into future leaders.

The subsequent campaign #BeFutureReady was focused on spreading awareness about the importance of marketing digitally and the current and ongoing campaign would be “Think Digital, Differently”.

Life At Digital Series

Life at digital series is an experience in itself. The atmosphere of the workspace is nothing like an office. It’s like a cafe in the hills with the music blasting all day and ample sitting space be chosen at one’s own convenience. A tradition followed religiously is the ringing of the bell on entering or exiting the workspace. With a no attendance policy, employees are provided with an environment that makes the stress of working an actual fun task. The walls are painted yellow, black, and white and adorned with amazing wall art that keeps the spirits of employees high. Known to be the best Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh, Digital Series has brought a revolution in marketing via new media and is striving to bring more creativity to help our brands gain recognition in the market.

So, this is our story thus far, we’re still growing and evolving as an agency and would hopefully have a lot more to say soon.

Stay Tuned…

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