Changes to SEO Trends in 2019


Changes to SEO Trends in 2019

The word wide web is full of changes and is extremely dynamic in nature. As the best digital marketing agency in Chandigarh we understand the importance of all aspects of the digital sphere. A part of which, the Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing. To adapt to these changes, one must constantly keep up with the latest trends of the year.

Here is a list of few changing trends in SEO this year and tips to keep up with them:

Voice Search

With the emergence of technologies like Alexa and Google Home in the market, there is an expected rise in use of voice searches to 50% till the year 2020. Optimization for voice works different from content as it is more conversational in nature. One will have to learn more about how their audience will use the keywords and focus more on optimizing for local voice search.

Mobile Optimisation

We spend most of our times in front of screens these days, precisely mobile phones.
As phones have the feature of portability and are easy to use, people are now turning to mobile phones to perform web searches. Google ranks a website based on the user experience for its mobile devices. So, if a website is not mobile- friendly it will lose a large amount of traffic. Use Google’s mobile test to check whether a site is mobile- friendly or not.

Quality Content Development

Strategizing content is one of the most popular trends for online marketers and will continue to remain in the year 2019. According to Google’s algorithm updates in 2018 Google is intensifying its focus on evaluating the quality of content. Content must be developed keeping in the target audience’s mind set. Good quality content should solve a reader’s problem and must be captivating and engaging.

User Intent Optimisation

Search engine optimization isn’t restricted to putting popular keywords on web pages but integrating keywords to deliver the searcher exactly what he/she is looking for. To achieve prime user intent optimization, consider your target keywords and do a simple Google search and finding out the words that will encourage call to action for a user.

Protection of Data

Google Chrome makes an effort to make online experience more secure and is taking data protection initiatives. As a result of July 2018 Google security update, sites that are “Not Secure” are less favorable in Google’s ranking preferences. A measure to bring your website up is to keep up with this new standard in 2019.

By keeping in mind the aforementioned points, Digital Series India will be ready for the upcoming changes in SEO trends in the coming time and hence and keep it up with same to ensure the growth and engagement of the website.

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