Enactus 2.0


Enactus 2.0

Thapar as an institution is popularly known for its quality education and research in various streams. The students of Thapar recently collaborated with Enactus – an international non-profit community of students and business leaders, to organize their second Annual Premier Event, which consists of speaker sessions, workshops, and various competitions. The theme for this year’s edition was “Felicitatem”, a Latin word for success. Team Enactus invited Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary as a guest speaker to talk about Social Entrepreneurship.

The session was conducted on 8th February, at the university campus. Mr. Nitin started his talk by asking some questions from students like “Do you believe in yourself?” and “Do you lie to yourself?” Since most of the students were budding entrepreneurs; it was important for them to have faith in their ability. There is a famous term known as ‘Founders Mindset’. This term is used for people who have the propensity to think like a scientist and create like an artist. It can be used to address people who encounter various instances where they have to find solutions to seemingly complicated problems or come up with something that is very much different and better than what the competitors are selling. Success can be achieved with a very basic or a small idea even if it is not great, with the right approach. Mr. Nitin also gave an example of Digital Series, a Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, where we start our day with a to-do list that turns into an accomplished list by the end of the day.

Disciplined work life is not about doing the things right, but doing the right things which lead to excellence. In the daily hustle-bustle, entrepreneurs are often found neglecting their mental fitness. Creativity comes only when our mind is stress-free, therefore it very important to take rest have the right amount of sleep and meditation in order to work efficiently.

We would like to thank Team Enactus for inviting us to the session. It was indeed a delightful experience!

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