A Look Back to #LifeAtDS in 2018


A Look Back to #LifeAtDS in 2018

The tradition says that every New Year begins with New Resolutions, but at Digital Series, every New Beginning has a New Checklist. A motivated team and vibrant workspace culture have always been our USPs, as it ignites in us the creativity that we further channelize to our work. As 2018 began, it was time to add more life to DS, therefore we decided to get new interns on board. Every season, when we hire new interns, we call it a new generation interns. This was the second generation of interns.

From doing close to 15 sessions & workshops to serving brands from industries like – Education, Real Estate, and Fashion & Lifestyle, it’s been a year of many achievements for us. It was a result of this team effort that we were awarded as ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency and Institute in Chandigarh’, by SDF International, in a Business Excellence Awards Ceremony held in Delhi. We made two campaign films on the occasions of Fathers Day and Mothers Day, and also released our first short film ‘Hi(gh)’, a friendship day special. In the meanwhile, we also welcomed the third generation interns to our family.

Another achievement came for us when Panjab Motors invited us to be a co-host for She’s Mercedes, an international platform that supports women empowerment. This year, we marked our first anniversary as a brand. It’s the successful teamwork that has made the brand become a buzz in such a short span of time. From the very first day, every new member is taught how to become a brand as a person, ‘personal branding’ as we like to call it.

The world is moving very fast, and so are we. This year we saw a lot of Digital Transformations but Data Protection and Transparency maintained the buzz throughout the year. With the changing dynamics of the industry, at our Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, we have changed the concept of Digital Marketing as Digital Brand Management. Today it is all about Quality Content that has the ability to connect with the audience. Well, Sacred Games has taught us all of that.

Looking forward to 2019 with a lot of optimism and hope. Big announcement coming out in April. Stay tuned!

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