Digital Brand Management Workshop


Digital Brand Management Workshop

After Know Your Digital, Branding in the Digital Era, and Charcha at Sector 7 Social, it was time to unveil the triangle of Digital Brand Management, which includes Marketing, Content, and Photography. We also call them Three Major Pillars of Digital Brand Management. So on that note, we conducted our first Digital Brand Management workshop at University of Fraser Valley, SD College, Chandigarh. The Founder of Digital Series, Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary talked in depth about the different attributes of Digital, which we also cover in the curriculum at our Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh.

We made the students understand the difference Digital Marketing and Marketing Digitally. The old principles of marketing are still used in the Digital Era. Consumer satisfaction will always be the top priority of every Marketing Plan. It has a direct relation with the kind of experience a brand is giving to its users and followers. With the help of Social Media, a brand can reach mass audience, which can play a role in building the brand reputation. All of this comes under Social Media Marketing. Content is at the centre of Digital Brand Management, everything is incomplete without content.

We also did a practical session, on Facebook Manager. They learned how to put Ads and boost ports on Facebook. Facebook Ads Manager has lot of tools; that help in keeping a check on the reach and engagements. There are different kinds of campaigns, some campaigns help in lead generation, and some campaigns help in improving the reputation of the brand. Mr. Nitin gave examples of some Television Campaigns, so as to make the students understand the kind of Content a brand creates to engage the audience.

Special thanks to University of Fraser Valley for inviting us. This was our second interaction with the students of University of Fraser Valley. Drop us an email on, if you want us to conduct a Digital Brand Management workshop in your college.

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