Charcha: Talking Digital @ Sector 7 Social


Charcha: Talking Digital @ Sector 7 Social

Online communities and social networks not only allow individuals to become creators of their own content but also to publicly publish their opinions, experiences, thoughts, and feelings about varying topics and products. On that note, Digital Series and Social Offline conducted an event at Social Works, on 25th October. The event was named as ‘Charcha’ and ‘Talking Digital’ was the theme of the event. This was more of a conversation between Nitin Rai Chaudhary, the founder of Digital Series and Pragun Vashist, the Head of Marketing at Sector 7 Social. The conversation revolved around the transformational shift from Offline to an Online form of Marketing.

In conversation with Pragun, Nitin also talked about the difference between Digital Brand Management and Digital Marketing. On that note, Nitin gave the example of Digital Series, which is regarded as Best Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh and is also an Agency. At Digital Series, we follow the concept of Digital Brand Management, a triangle of Marketing, Content, and Photography. If we talk about Digital, we are using the same principles we use on Offline Platforms, the only difference is that we are applying them on Online Platforms. Customer satisfaction has always been the prime focus of every brand.

Today the consumer has so many options, if a brand does not come up with strategies to stand out different from the rest, it will fail. Therefore, a brand needs to keep up with the on-going trends and keep a close eye on the behavior of the target audience. Brands, who understand this theory, keep coming up stories and campaigns to build an emotional connection with the target audience. The event was followed by a Q&A session with the attendees. This was our second session at Sector 7 Social; industry experts from different fields are often giving talks and conducting workshops and mentoring new ventures in this co-working space.

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