Campaigning: Plan, Create, and Execute


Campaigning: Plan, Create, and Execute

Campaigning is about creating change. It involves a conversation with the society, persuading people to take an unusual interest in supporting a move that would normally not happen. The outcome is the real world change created by a campaign, the difference it makes to people’s life or the environment. If politics is the ‘art of the possible’, campaigning is the ‘science and art of changing what is possible’. If done correctly it goes onto inspire millions. A good campaign strategy should motivate and not educate.

Campaigning maximizes the motivation of the audience, not their knowledge. If education used to a campaign, it will help you in exploring your issue not change it. To make a campaign strategy work you need to analyze your problem, the people, the organization or institution involved. Identify your potential allies and opponents and work out who your target audience is. For a campaign to work you need to make that particular topic go public and for the same you need to keep your message and purpose simple by communicating only one thing at a time. It involves a series of exercises to communicate the audience from the state of ignorance through awareness, motivation and finally into the state of satisfaction. A campaign is about making things happen. The news is not about ideas or concepts; it is about things that happen. Is it starting something, publishing, rescuing, occupying etc?

We as best digital marketing agency strongly believe that directly or indirectly a campaign consists of persuading others that you are right about that particular form of action. So you should say what you mean. Lastly, you should communicate in pictures. Pictures are more powerful than words. Good ones tell a story and the best one needs no caption. Pictures can’t be interrogated or argued with. So make sure that the campaign speaks in characters or symbols that are larger than life!

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