Branding in the Digital Era 6.0


Branding in the Digital Era 6.0

An entrepreneur is someone who brings pattern changes. On that note, University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (UICET) recently launched its E-Cell to foster entrepreneurship in this region and keep up with the growing pace of startup culture. Panjab University has given this country great personas like – Manmohan Singh, Kiran Bedi, Ayushmann Khurana, to name a few. But if we talk about entrepreneurship and startups, this region still lags behind. It is not due to shortage of available resources or investments, but due to the failure to keep oneself updated as to the technological developments happening at the global level.

E-Cell at UICET invited founder of Digital Series, Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary to talk about changing patterns of Branding in today’s digital era. Mr. Nitin is working from past sixteen years. He has served brands like Bluedart, L’Oréal and more before finally initiating Digital Series in 2017, which is often regarded as Best Digital Marketing Institute In Chandigarh. Though we follow the concept of Digital Brand Management, which is broader as compared to Digital Marketing. The concept we follow is more directed towards Marketing Digitally.

In this session, Mr. Nitin talked about the Triangle of Digital Brand Management, which is a combination of Marketing, Content and Photography. In addition to that, he also talked about the importance of storytelling. Every brand has a human side and every human side has a story. Just like the Triangle of Digital Brand Management, there is one more triangle that plays very crucial role in the success of every business. It is known as 3P’s Theory: Purpose, Priority and Productivity. Co-founders need to have clarity about the sole purpose of the brand; they should align the priorities in parallel to the long-term and short-term goals. As a result it will multiply the productivity and output.

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