Data Breach cause Red Flag to Google Plus

Data Breach cause Red Flag to Google Plus

Google is abusing its status. After a recent data breach that compromised personal data of around 500,000 users, Google has officially shut down Google Plus, it’s another attempt to take on social media. When Google launched Plus in 2011, it was supposed to be a challenger to Facebook’s social network, which now has more than 2 billion users. But Plus flopped and quickly turned into a digital ghost town, prompting Google to start de-emphasizing it several years ago.

The data breach has been caused by the API service given to third-party developers which can access data of the users who have authorized them as well as of their friends. Due to this loophole in security or the data providing API, lots of data available on Google Plus platform has been accessed & stored by third-party developers. The Google Plus flaw could have allowed up to 438 external apps to scoop up usernames, email addresses, occupations, genders, and ages without authorization. The most serious issue was, Google never revealed about this data breach even after they were known about the issue in part to avoid drawing regulatory scrutiny and damaging its reputation.

It has been expected that the disposal of the social network will hurt Google’s bottom line should be held at bay. Although Google’s initial impact was a 2% fall in shares, the overall impact of the Google Plus social network has been minimal since its 2011 debut. Google cites low user engagement on Google Plus, as well as over 90% of user sessions lasting fewer than 5 seconds. As for Google+, it will be shut down over the next 10 months but will remain open for enterprise customers who use it within their companies.

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