Branding in Digital Era- 4.0


Branding in Digital Era- 4.0

As they say, teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change.

Through our workshops, we want to bring in change about the perspective and process of Digital Marketing. Though we are a Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh but our style of running the business is quite different. We say that it’s an era of Marketing Digitally.

To enunciate the same, our Mentor and Founder, Mr.Nitin Rai Chaudhary along with his team conducted the 4th edition of Branding in Digital Era at University of Business School, Panjab University. The session was all about “Marketing Digitally” which also included intricacies of content creation, client handling and over-view of personal branding.

The session was attended by MBA students with specialization in Marketing. They were excited and eager to learn and get to know about the latest marketing trends on digital platforms and how content writing and client handling plays a very pivotal role while designing a campaigns for the brands.

The enthusiastic level of students was pretty high for they will be the future marketers who would also bring about a change in the dynamics of brand management. Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary spoke about his journey and how we as a company have been able to create that marquee in the market in such a short span of time. He further, emphasized on how important are campaigns whilst marketing digitally and how amalgamation of content along with client handling plays an integral part for the campaign to execute and generate output.

Mr. Abhishek  Basu further  educated the students about content strategies and client handling. The session was engaging as it had activities which intrigued the students to know the in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing

The session was concluded with Q&A session which involved each and every student. We are very thankful to university Business School (UBS) for inviting us and making us interact with their students who were very supportive and curious to know about Digital Marketing. We hope to visit them again.

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