Branding in the Digital Era 3.0


Branding in the Digital Era 3.0

The process of learning anything is incomplete without the mentorship of experienced and talented professionals working in that field. They give insights to some key aspects that might go overlooked otherwise. Digital Series recently hosted a Digital Marketing workshop at Sector 7 Social, for their workspace segment Social Offline. Three renowned personalities who have been in this industry from a very long time – Amanbir Walia, Nitin Rai Chaudhary and Pankajj Sehgal were invited to talk about different topics revolving around digital marketing and share their valuable lessons along with it.

One of the most important aspect of Digital Marketing – Facebook Marketing was embarked by Amanbir Walia. “Who is your customer?” was the first thing she questioned the audience, directing their thoughts around the basic requirement of identifying the consumer. She also talked about the need to identify who the target audience is, how the advertisements should be optimized so that we attract maximum traffic and ending with why Facebook is the most used marketing platform. This session was followed by unfolding a 360 degree Digital Brand Management circle by Nitin Rai Chaudhary, founder of Digital Series. The talk aimed to cover all aspects of digital marketing in the modern era, current trends in the marketing strategies and most importantly the unmatched digital marketing trio – Marketing, Content and Photography. Not only did he refresh the audience about the history of marketing over the internet but also took up recent updates like GDPR, Website security as well as content creation in his talk. The core and most interactive part of the session was the need of emphasis on Personal Branding as a part of Digital Brand Management – a term coined by the mentor himself that covers more than the conventional aspects of digital marketing by addition of info-graphics and intriguing content. The final session by Pankajj Sehgal threw light on the importance of Networking on LinkedIn. His enthusiasm raised the energy levels of the audience as he explained the various platforms which are online where employees can meet employers and showcase their profile. LinkedIn being biggest has most of the companies as well as small business owners who can easily search among professionals throughout the globe for jobs. He elaborated the way to build a professional LinkedIn profile to get searched by recruiters easily and create a buzz in the professional social network.

The workshop was concluded by a series of questions by the attendees to all the three speakers along with networking among themselves. As a Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, we give special thanks to Social Offline for this opportunity to share our work culture and vision with the audience. We look forward to more such associations with Sector 7 Social.

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