Making Of Hi(gh)


Making Of Hi(gh)

Hi(gh) is a story of three friends who lost their friendship because they could not limit themselves from drug consumption. The short- film has given us an overwhelming response. The reviews and feedback have been amazing and we feel that whatever we wanted to convey through this film, we have been able to put it across.

A 7 minute duration film talks about the relationship of friendship and how it is important to be responsible towards our friends. Through this film , we are nowhere promoting drugs or consumption of drugs, we are stating that every indulgence needs to have a limit before that indulgence overpowers on our life. The indulgence could of anything, be it be drugs, alcohol, smoking or even sex.

We have specifically chosen drugs and how unknowingly we become an addict and thereby excessive consumption of these drugs affect our lives to the height of  even killing us. Showcasing this through Hi(gh) , we wanted to communicate that how we lose our friends  because of this ailing habit.

Making of Hi(gh) was a challenging yet an exciting task. It will be coming to you as surprise that the whole film was shot in just 3 days at 5 different locations and post that 2 days of post production before we could finally roll out the teaser and the movie. The main idea behind this concept and doing something out of our comfort zone was of Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary, who thought of making a short film on the occasion of Friendship’s Day. The idea, however, got shelved because of the work commitments. It was at the 11th hour that he thought of  planning it again and executing the entire film within a span of three days. We had Ms. Shikha Jaswal the very same day who started to work on the final script and the screenplay. The casting of each and every actor in the film was considerably done  by Ms. Ankita Singh and Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary, who chose Aarushi Mahajan, Gautam Gandhi and Akshay Dhiman as the main protagonist for the characters of Shaivi,  Madhav and Arjun. Also adding to it, we want to say that coming from a non acting background Aarushi and Gautam have performed exceptionally well. Akshay comes from a theatrical background , but for him also getting into the shape of the character was a tough task considering that he is a complete opposite of Arjun.

The shoot began with full enthusiasm and energy wherein all the cast and crew had to put their heart and soul in the film.longer working hours, tight schedules and location constraints were faced by one and all, but the goal was clear that to make our first short film a success.

We feel that it is the hardwork and dedication of each and every member of the cast and crew, which has made this film a huge success. Starting from releasing of the teaser till the final movie, we have been receiving an exceptional feedback and reviews on the film and our work.

We really want to thank each one of you for supporting us and making Hi(gh) a success.

We are looking forward to come up with more such films based on different concepts which would entertain you and also educate you.

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