Branding in the Digital Era 2.0


Branding in the Digital Era 2.0

The objective of educating and spreading the word #KnowYourDigital took us to another session at Workcave which is a co-working area in city beautiful- Chandigarh. The session was held on the 21st July wherein speakers from Digital Series; Nitin Rai Chaudhary, Muskaan Sharma and Abhishek Basu addressed the audience. The speakers spoke about Branding in the Digital Era and how do we market digitally. Our SEO Strategist; Muskaan Sharma spoke about the nuances of Search Engine Optimization and how it is an important tool for a brand to rise digitally on Search Engines. She laid emphasis on the various strategies and techniques which can be incorporated by a Digital Marketer for SEO and Online Marketing.

Digital Brand Management and Digital Campaigns was taken up by Mr. Abhishek Basu, who educated the audience about the importance of Digital Brand Management and how campaigns play an important role when marketing for a brand digitally. He talked about how even big luxury brands these days are being competitive on the internet to bring something new for their audience. Brands these days are campaigning digitally just to keep themselves up from the latest marketing trends. A perfect example quoted by him was that of FIFA, when certain cafes started giving free shots on every goal. The second example, which was taken was that of monsoon offers which every brand is making as their campaigns to hit their target audience. He further mentioned that such campaigns play a pivotal role when it comes to digital brand management.

The session was concluded by Nitin Rai Chaudhary, who through his knowledge and wisdom captivated the entire audience. He spoke about certain terminologies like GDPR, The Knowledge Graph and SSL amongst many which were gainful. He made the audience engaged by asking some random questions related to digital which we come across everyday but never knew the intricacies of the same. Gift hampers were also given to few people from the audience who took initiative to participate and shared their knowledge.

Being a Digital Marketing Institute, we feel that it is important to run such drives so as to educate and make people more aware of the Digitization and for the same our next set of batch begins from 7TH August 2018.

We also look forward to our next session soon.


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