A website should mean business and anyone who wants a website has sales as their priority. You don’t want people to just see your website and then click the back button! If this is happening that means you have a problem with your website. You need to think as if you are the customer and what would keep them hooked to your site! Make sure the website design is supported by various browsers, its versions and the mobile web is a must!

What good is a website if it cannot be seen? We have listed few features that can make your website stand out:

Mobile Responsiveness: It is very much imperative for any website to be mobile responsive. It is a digital era and we are more prone to use mobile phones as compared to desktops and laptops. This is the reason that it is very much important to make your site mobile,responsive so that your clients can tap you with a click of just a few buttons through their mobiles.

Social Media Icons:  Let us be clear, social media icons play a very major role on your website these days.You want your website traffic to completely know the in abouts of your brand through all the available platforms. In order to keep your clientle enagage, link all your social media icons on your website so that  your clients can eventually see your social media presence as well through your website.

Attractive Content:  Your business has a purpose and websites are meant to convey that through the content. Make sure your content is bold, expresses what you are and the core idea behind it. What’s the use of website if nobody understands the written part.You need to come up with attractive content which would keep the traffic on your website busy and engaged which would therefore also reduce the bounce rate of your website. Content is a mixture of written text, graphics in terms of images and videos which would keep your audience occupied.

SSL Certificate:  As per the recent updations , it is very much important for the websites to put an SSL certificate so as to protect the website from any kind of malware attack or virus. As a brand ,we need to always be proactive in terms of whatever we are catering to our clients and our website become the face of it.Therefore, we need to protect the face of our brand from any of the viruses and security.

 Image Optimisation:  Nothing is more important than good and optimized images which tells the quality of your brand. An attractive and optimized image will not just make your brand communication strong but also would not hamper the speed and performance of your website.A website needs to have images which tell about the portfolio of your brand but it needs to be placed in such a manner that it should not affect its performance.

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, these are a few pointers which we always keep in our mind while working for the Digital Brand Management and Brand Building.

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