Being DIGITA’lite


Being DIGITA’lite

Memories in the cloud not in bulky albums,
Lesser queues and rapid transactions,
Smartphones on one hand and on the other presentations,

Being a DIGITA’lite has extracted enormous rays from the light of digital itself.

The embarkment of the digital era has brought several contributions to a layman’s life. It has become a single word answer to day to day problems of our busy lifestyle.

Need to Pay someone – “Paytm”
Want to Shop – “Online Shopping”
Stalking Someone – “Facebook”

These digital services have become complementary and automatically comes to our mind when we assume about the above situation.

Digital era is bringing new opportunities and growth in various sectors. Refined globalization, business analogy, employment, cybersecurity are just a few of the rising upshots of the digitalization.

Digitalization has started revolving around our economy. Be it agriculture, financial services or retail, the reshaping through digitalization is noticeable in each category. With increasing computer power and connectivity in smart devices, there has been an expansive range of data. This data has become the ‘new currency’ in the digital economy; a new currency that can enable the companies to strengthen the core business and to find the new ways to satisfy the needs of the customers. Moreover, it plays a remarkable role in collaborating the economies globally. This further accelerated in interchanging of the interest, trends, markets among the nations.

One of the most tremendous outcomes of digitalization is ‘socialization’. Never before access to old folks and new people has been so easy. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter has become must-haves for the people to connect to the whole world. The wittiest example of connection would be chai peelowaali aunty who became a household name among millions globally just through this digital platform. Social media by its simple access enable oneself to express its thoughts. Posting pictures and videos on the net have become a great source of entertainment for people. Along with that, it helps to maintain the relationships among people with whom we are no more in touch.

Giant availability of goods and services is another progressive consequence of digital era. People are coming up with new ventures through this platform. It has become a main domain of interest for the business market of today’s age as it is highly reachable to the customers. The kind of attraction it has got, it directly hit their mind and turn them from viewers to consumers in no time. This role of digitalization has been a blessing to the business market. On the other hand, the attracted consumers also reap the maximum benefit by getting exciting offers online. Prices of the goods and services are comparatively much lower as compared to available in the traditional market. Placing an order online and getting the delivery at home has become a big convenience.

But nothing can be so pure. With so many benefits digitalization providing, unintentionally it also comes up with few flaws.

Hours upon hours spending upon the web and hanging out on social media often eats away time that could be better spent taking important steps in the accomplishment of one’s goal. But all the glitter and glam of the social media often tends to distract the millennial.

Another drawback of the digital era is its non-access to illiterates and technotards. Thus, digitalization could not render its coverage on this segment of people, and we at Digital Series aim at making all those interested to know about Digital Marketing at Digital Series – Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh.

But a flower has both; fragrance and thorns. It’s up to you to pluck the flower carefully, but ignoring few thorns and attaining the fragrance completely. Similarly, digitalization has embellished our requirement entirely. Being DIGITA’lite has imparted a modern change in our life. It is a sign of development and growth. And the more digitalized, we would become, the more flourished we would be.

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    This is so informative!

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    Posted at 10:50h, 14 July Reply

    Very well written 👌🏻
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