Branding in the Digital Era

Branding in the Digital Era

Every brand has a story to tell. Creating or rebuilding the brand story is critical for successful brand management. We recently conducted a team session at StartHub Nation, Mohali. In this session, our team talked about various methodologies to create brand value using online platforms. Digital plays a very crucial role in the modern day scenario to create such value for the brand. The story must be communicated on multiple digital platforms with eye-catching content to create real hype and engage loyal followers.

“The most challenging skill of a marketer is to promote the business Digitally”, said Mr. NitinRaiChaudhary, Founder of Digital Series. He’s been working for past seventeen years and is a Brand Marketer and Photographer by profession. Digitalization has become a part of our daily routine lives. On that note, Mr. AbhishekBasu, the Client Servicing Manager & Content Strategist at Digital Series, talked about various approaches to branding and client servicing. “It’s very important to understand the vision of the client. You need to align the strategies in parallel with the needs of the client, “ said Mr. Basu. The success of marketing campaigns depends on a thorough knowledge of the customer mindset and location relevance.

Before brands begin creating social media campaigns, they need to consider the goals of the business. Like mentioned earlier, a brand needs to be clear with the vision first. “Social media planning should be looked at like cooking your favorite dish’’, said Ankita Singh, the Social Media Specialist and who also does Project Management at Digital Series. A social media marketing campaign without a social strategy is like mind wandering around a forest without a map – you might have fun, but you’ll probably get lost.

As a Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh, this was our first session on Digital Brand Management which is a part of our Co-working drive. We’ll be conducting more sessions and seminars in this month. Stay tuned for more!

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