Brand Marketing Campaigns that Became a Part of Our Lives


Brand Marketing Campaigns that Became a Part of Our Lives

Brand marketing is an essential component of a brand’s success, especially at a time when an increasingly large number of audience consumes the content digitally. Innovative brand marketing campaigns can make or break a brand. We have seen many such campaigns in the past, which became so hit amongst the audience, that they became a part of their lives.

Here are few innovative brand marketing campaigns, that brands can learn from.

Paytm Karo!

Who hasn’t heard this simple yet powerful 2-word phrase during the past 2-3 years. All of us remember it, along with the signature tune. See how interesting this is, the brand is simply asking to use its service, and we as customers become so happy to oblige. The #paytmkaro campaign became a hit across the print, television and digital platforms, and s a classic example of the power of brand marketing campaigns.

2-Minutes Maggi

Maggi is more than just noodles for India. And there’s a reason for the immense, almost religious popularity of the noodle brand. The company has come up with some of the most liked campaigns over the years. These include “2 Minutes Maggi”; “Share Your Maggi Moments”; “Me and meri Maggi”. The brand even came up with the phrase “Taste Bhi, Health Bhi”, when there were accusations of poor product quality. Result has been a constant upward swing in the sales, and immense loyalty to the brand.

Get Idea

IDEA was one of the earliest players in the market when the Indian telecommunication market was on a boom with the introduction of mobile phones. Over the years, the brand built several interesting campaigns around its brand name to strike a chord with the audience. The most successful campaigns included “What an Idea Sir Ji” & “An Idea Can Change Your Life”. The brand has been able to increase its user base manifold through these campaigns.

Daag Acche Hai

The detergent brand “Surf Excel” has been sticking to its popular slogan “Daag Acche Hai” for years now. The phrase has become the identity of the brand. Interestingly, the brand has applied some great creative genius to present the ‘daags’ or ‘stains’ in a way that no one sees them, and boost the sales for itself!

These are just a few of the many brands that have been able to leverage the power of an innovative campaign to acquire new customers, and retain the existing ones. With the digital medium being the single most popular marketing platform today, the role of such campaigns has become even bigger.

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