Latest SEO Trends from the Industry


Latest SEO Trends from the Industry

Digital is a very dynamic industry. Trends in digital marketing keep on changing the day after the other, and so has to your digital marketing strategy.

Even within the order of digital marketing, SEO is one of the most rapidly evolving entities. Google brings in a new algorithmic shift every other month, and as we already know, SEO is highly influenced by Google itself.

Let’s have a quick tour of what new we are going see in the field if SEO this year.

Featured Snippets to Evolve

Featured snippets have been taking a considerable part of our search results for some time now. However, the snippets are becoming growingly annoying, Google has now begun to replace them with its “Knowledge Graph Boxes”, which provide better and more consistent answers to the users’ questions. This event would mark a major shift in how SEO is being done right now, focus now being on the Knowledge Graphs.

Link-less Mentions

Tracking the “link-less” mentions of keywords by search engines is rather something new in the town, and it is here to set the industry on fire! While Bing has officially confirmed that they do track the link and use them for ranking, SEO experts have strongly observed that Google might also be doing so. What makes the step even more obvious is the growing use of AI in search engine rankings, which has made tracking the unlinked mentions reasonable simple.


It’s been quite a few years now when Google declared for the first time that number of users had been using its platform through smartphones, than desktops. The number has grown ever since. And now, the time has apparently come when Google would start giving precedence to the websites which are more mobile-ready while indexing them in the search results.

While these are some of the breakthrough changes that are going to impact the SEO industry this year, one has to stay informed and updated as the industry changes every day. Only the SEO strategy which stays ahead of time can guarantee the celebrated ‘first-page’ ranking on Google. Digital Series, which is among the best SEO companies in Chandigarh,provides the best SEO services in Chandigarh, powered by a team of experts who can get your brand just there, to the first page of Google!

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