5 Pro Tips to Win on Facebook Engagement!


5 Pro Tips to Win on Facebook Engagement!

Social media has become an indispensable part of our life. It is a research output that an average person spends nearly 2 hours on social media every day, which accounts for a total of 5 years and 4 months in a lifetime! Astounding isn’t it!

Amongst all the social media platforms that emerge, become popular ,there has been one which is Facebook! Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites worldwide, with a staggering 2.2 billion monthly active users on the platform. Facebook has succeeded not only in retaining its user base, but also growing it rapidly by introducing a range of new features on its platform.

With such a reach and expanse of Facebook in the social media space, it has become impossible to grow your brand digitally by while staying out of it. Facebook has become one of the key ways to reach out to your prospective customers online.

Here we list 5 pro tips that will help you ignite engagement on Facebook, and grow your brand!

Group vs. Page

While a Facebook page is what you start with when on Facebook, Facebook groups have emerged as one of the most efficient ways to engage with your audience. A group on Facebook is closed set of users, who have shown interest in your brand, and are actually willing to engage with it. There are a whole set of features like online polls and product listing, that is exclusive to a Facebook group.

Regular Posting

Just creating a page on Facebook is not going to give you the desired results. You have to stay in the eye of your audience every time they scroll down their feed, and you can do that (organically) only by posting regularly. Understand what time your audience is most active at, and schedule your posts accordingly. Run series of posts and campaign to keep your audience hooked, and waiting!

Variety in Content

While it is important to post content regularly, posting the same kind of content every other day is only going to backfire. Experiment with your content, and bring in variety. Believe, there’s a lot that you can do on Facebook! Put up a graphic one day, and post a magnificent video the other day. Post an info graphic for one time, and just a catchy status update for the other! This is how your audience will actually stay interested in your brand.


When on Facebook, you are not alone. There’s a whole army of like-minded people, doing like things, and willing to collaborate for mutual benefits! You will always find fellow digital marketers who are promoting brands or some social media influencers who can give a direct passport to a bunch of whole new audience. Just find ways that you can benefit them, and make an offer for a mutual exchange of content!

Contests & Giveaways

Contests on Facebook can turn out to be pretty interesting. These will not only make your existing audience feel privileged but also get you a large number of new audience. The contest can be a quiz, a puzzle, a guesstimate or just anything. Keep a giveaway for the winners in the form of your brand, merchandise, or maybe just a couple movie tickets!! After all, who doesn’t like freebies and giveaways!

These 5 tips will essentially help you transform your social media game, at least as far as Facebook is concerned. Digital Series provides specialized social media marketing in Chandigarh.

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