From searching on maps to listening to music, from browsing the internet to downloading mobile applications – Google has become an essential part of whatever we do on and off the internet. In fact, as far as search engines are concerned, Google accounts for a massive 90% share in the market. The term ‘search engine’ has become easily replaceable by ‘Google’.

While it has become important for businesses to be present online on the age of the internet, it is not enough to build a website, park it online and assume that customers will come to you automatically. As a SEO service in Chandigarh we say that Google has a defining role to play in the performance of your brand on the internet.

According to recent data, more than 90% of netizens are using Google to find their answers. Given that massive number, it becomes necessary for businesses to be ‘Google-friendly’! Google has become the primary channel that your customers will find you on the internet, and thus it is important that Google lets them do that!

Analytics also show that almost all the users who search for a keyword on Google never go beyond the first page of results. So what does that mean? Here – it is not enough to be ‘just friends’ with Google (so that it doesn’t blacklist you!), but you even have to make Google your BFF, so that it gives you a spot on the first page!!

How can you reach there?

Now that you know how important it is to be on the first page of Google, your next step should be to go out for it. Ranking on the first page of Google required your website to meet certain benchmarks and possess certain characteristics that convince Google that you are the best match for what the user might be searching for. And if you think it is an easy job, it is certainly not! Professional techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Back Link Generation are required to achieve the momentous task of making your brand stand out amongst the massive competition.

Digital Series, a digital marketing agency along with social media marketing agency in Chandigarh provides professional services in SEO, SMM, and SEM to help you rank on the first page of Google and grow your business online. We also provide all kinds of digital brand building services like website development and management, social media management, graphic designing and video marketing.

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