Digital Campaign Structure


Digital Campaign Structure

In today’s scenario every brand needs to follow certain strategies to survive in this competitive world. In order to design a digital campaign structure for digital marketing we present few steps which have to be kept in mind. For the steps to be made easier to be understood, let us imagine a product. Let that product be an ‘Organic Energy Drink’.

Knowing the audience

Research has to be done regarding the audience which will have the maximum consumption of the product, which involves surveying, and interviewing the target audience.

There are a lot of factors which have to be kept in mind in order to know the target audience, which will be interested in buying the energy drink. The maximum people interested in buying the particular energy drink will be the people of age group 18-35, whose population is the highest in our country and also, since we are talking about digital branding, this section is the most active on social media, which makes them easily approachable. In order to easily approach the audience, an emotional aspect might be useful. This can be done by having someone advertising with which this age group can relate to at many levels.

Identify the goals & the digital marketing tools needed.

By identifying goals it is meant that how much target audience you need to reach to which is usually more than what you have achieved and a little more than you want to. So in order to reach a particular goal, you need to know about the tools needed. Since here our target audience is the most active section of the social media, which will be apt to use and advertise on.

Also, other analytical tools might as well be used in order to take care of the metrics.

Evaluate your existing digital marketing channels and assets.

The already existing channels which were being used earlier should be analysed and if they were able to give out the desired business then they might be continued to be used and otherwise could be changed or worked upon. There are various media platform, which can be used.

Owned Media
This includes website, social media profiles, blog content, or imagery of the company. This can also include other various platforms which you use articles to publish.

Earned Media
Simply, earned media alludes to the presentation you’ve earned verbally. Regardless of whether that is content you’ve dispersed on different sites, PR work you’ve been doing, or the client encounter you’ve conveyed, earned media is the acknowledgment you thus get. You can procure media by getting press notices, constructive surveys, and by other individuals sharing your substance via web-based networking media, for example.

Paid Media
Paid media is somewhat plain as day in what its name recommends – and alludes to any vehicle or channel that you burn through cash on to get the consideration of your purchaser personas. This incorporates things like Google AdWords, paid online networking posts, local promoting (like supported posts on different sites), and some other medium for which you specifically pay in return for deceivability.

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, we say that your digital marketing strategy might incorporate elements of all three channels; all working together to help you reach your goal.
Of course, it’s not compulsory to use all three. If your owned and earned media are both successful, you might not need to invest in paid. It’s all about evaluating the best solution to meet your goal, and then incorporating the channels that work best for your business into your digital marketing strategy.

Audit and plan your all three Medias.

Since all the three types involve different algorithm, hence each needs to be taken care of separately. All the visits, shares and rankings need to be taken care of and monitored vigorously. By the end of the process, you should have a clear idea of which paid media platforms you want to continue using, and which (if any) you’d like to remove from your strategy.

Bring it all together.

After going through all the ways to connect to the audience it is now the time to put to use the plan.

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