Triangle of Digital Brand Management

Triangle of Digital Brand Management

We live in a world where everything is entirely digitalized. Right from ordering something, be it clothes, food or anything small and delicate as jewelry, everything is just a click away. Each one of us prefers to shop and browse through options in the comfort of sitting in their pajamas in their bed. This is the time of Digital Marketing. The entire world has gone digital to maximize their sales and reach out to people in every nook and corner of the world.

Digital Marketing is not a rocket science, but a simple algorithm which consists of a triangle where all the three components work individually and are also dependent on each other.

Any product that we want the world to know and eventually sell, depends on the Social Media Marketing and content associated with it. The content must be crisp and clear and not boring the target audience. It must contain the literature which is easy to comprehend and also to which the audience can relate to. It should be short and impart all the required information. Instead of using the Shashi Tharoor diction, easy, one should be used. This is one of the most important tasks because; the content is like the backbone of product.

The audience today is all about the visual appeal. When we see something different it attracts our attention. So the sole purpose of photography is to be unique and hence attract a large amount of audience. This task is difficult because it involves in-depth study of the various photography styles, techniques and also making sure that it complements the content and vice versa. Without any visual, the content becomes a bit boring and very fewer people would be interested in it. Photographs help to connect on an emotional level to the target audience.

After the content and photography have been designed for the product, marketing comes into action. The foremost aim of the product is to reach its audience, where marketing is the key. It involves filtering out the target audience, their likings, the trends and then what strategy can be developed so that the product reaches the maximum number of people, differs from the rival products and also stands out in its market.

Though none of these three elements exist without each other, it can be said that marketing is dependent on content and photography. Marketing cannot happen without any content and photography related to the product. One needs various methods of marketing to reach out to the maximum number of people, which can only be done hand in hand with content, photography, and marketing.

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