Know Your Digital 7.0 | Changing Dynamics of Digitization


Know Your Digital 7.0 | Changing Dynamics of Digitization

Our digital drive “Know Your Digital” finally came to an end at Punjab Engineering College. One interesting thing to note here is that we started this drive last year in September with a seminar in Digital Photography, which was held at PEC only. After that we covered some of the top institutions of tricity including University Business School (UBS), UIET, University of Fraser Valley (Chandigarh Campus) and some more. Every seminar and workshop was based on a particular theme. The main perspective behind the campaign “Know Your Digital” is to spread digital awareness among people. Especially students, they must be prepared for a technology-enabled future, where the future of jobs lies. This time the theme was ‘’Changing Dynamics of Digitization.”

There are many challenges before all the benefits of digitalization can be realized. Limited digital literacy and lack of adequate infrastructure are the hindrances to digital growth. Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies are transforming the way Manufacturing Industry and Services Industry operate. Many companies nowadays prefer candidates that have specific skills and certifications pertaining to digital marketing, which are also being taught at the Digital Series Institute,  as opposed to college curriculum. If colleges and universities do not transform themselves into educational institutions for a technology-assisted future, they risk becoming obsolete.

All the seminars were hosted by Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary, the Founder of Digital Series.  The entire concept of Digital Brand Management revolves around three facets i.e. Marketing, Content and Photography. There is no more generation gap, there is only knowledge gap.” Says Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary.  Many entrepreneurs today understand the need to evolve their businesses, they recognize the urgency in changing how they do business, and they know that their competitors are having the same conversation.

We are hopeful that our efforts are going to have a long lasting impact on students. You can also join the conversation and tweet using the hashtag “#KnowYourDigital” and support Digital India initiative by Government of India. Let’s be a Digital Guide and spread the power of Digitalization.


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