Know Your Digital 6.0 | Digital Brand Management

Know Your Digital 6.0 | Digital Brand Management

The next stop on our Digital Marketing seminar drive after University of The Fraser Valley was Chandigarh University. Know Your Digital seminar 6.0 was specifically conducted for MBA students of University School of Business and this time Mr.  Nitin Rai Chaudhary focused on ‘Digital Brand Management’.

As we know “Digital Transformation” has become a fad. Be it entrepreneurs, politicians, professionals or marketers; everyone is talking about it. Not just because it’s the new trend, but because it’s a need of the hour. 27% of senior executives believe that digital transformation is a matter of survival. Digital Brand Management is emerging to become more impactful than Traditional Marketing. There are many brands that are already leveraging its benefits. Digital Marketing is not something which is very difficult. Some people often confuse SEO with coding, but in reality, both terms are different from each other. It’s about learning how each of the social and digital channels operate and interact with each other. Mobile marketing has gone from an afterthought to a must do, as people use their phones to interact with brands and publishers in the aftermath of mass media dominance.

When we talk about Digital Brand Management, the role of Marketing, Content and Photography comes in. Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary talked about all these three aspects in detail during seminar. An interactive Twitter Activity with the students was also conducted, where they tweeted about what they learnt, using the #KnowYourDigital. Students who did the best tweets received exclusive goodies from Digital Series. The main purpose of this activity was to make them the contrast behind the famous saying “Content is the king”. If the content is good, there will always be more visibility. On that note we ended our 6th Digital Marketing Seminar. We will soon come up with another seminar, till then stay tuned, and keep posting using hashtag #KnowYourDigital. You also might get a chance to win exclusive goodie bags from us.

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