Know Your Digital 5.0 | Emerging Trends In Digital World


Know Your Digital 5.0 | Emerging Trends In Digital World

“As we say, now it is not just about digital marketing but marketing in the digital world.”

Moving into 2018 has brought drastic shifts in the digital trends and dynamics. New trends are entering the marketplace and if you have a business, you need to pay attention or you may be forced by the wayside. With the need to become more visible and reach more customers, the digital marketing of tomorrow offers advancements in emerging technologies as consumers demand more choices and more integrated experience.

With the same vision, today Digital Series conducted its seminar KnowYourDigital 5.0 at the University of the Fraser Valley, India campus where Mr. Nitin Rai Chaudhary focused on interacting with students to help them understand the changing trends and how they can with little understanding use them as a benefit and to convert it into opportunities.

Talking about trends in India, the change continues to be rapid with digital channels constantly growing in volume and strength. More people spend more time online in India every year, and the digital tools and websites they are using; play an ever-growing role in their lives. A smart marketer is one who keeps on top of the scale of change and ensures their marketing strategies and touches those points where the consumer is spending their time. The use of the Internet and other digital media and technology to support modern marketing has given rise to a bewildering range of tools & networking scope viz-a-viz digital marketing, Internet marketing, e-marketing and web marketing.

It perfectly unfolds multiple opportunities and on point, timing to unroll out of traditional perspective and get into digital, create enthralling content, take captivating photographs and deliver hypnotizing marketing material. ‘Beware & Be Aware’, Digital transformation continues to change the marketing funnel, customizing the buyer’s experience at every turn. Embracing the right technology allows marketing strategies to educate and inspire customers, creating a lasting, loyal customer base. Go Digital!

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