7 Simple Rules for Content Marketing

7 Simple Rules for Content Marketing

Content is the king – agree with it, or call it a cliche, it remains a fact that content does fuel the digital revolution. Content comes in various forms – graphics, images, videos and text. But it is also important to understand that content in its raw form is of no worth. Content has to be curated, certain rules should be followed, to exploit its full potential.

Here are 7 simple rules shared by Digital Marketing Institute that will boost your content marketing game!

  1. Originality

The internet is overflowing with content. In the plethora of correct –  incorrect, authentic and maligned content, it’s important to ensure that your content is not lost. Keeping your content original and unique is the key. Taking inspiration and ideas from a source is no wrong, but the exercise of copy and  paste is a BIG NO!

  1. Simple Straight Forward

Being original should not be understood as putting unnecessary and uninvited add-ons, which are often outstandingly out-of-context. No fancy headings, no slangs, no shrills! Use of such tools with the sole purpose of reaching a length of words does no help, but deviates you from the crux of your content.

  1. Create Value

Your content interests your target audience only when it solves some problem, or answers their question. This is what is called us value for the customer. Good content is not what you think is good, is what your customers finds relevant. So putting yourself in the readers’ shoes is important.

  1. Sharing is Steering!

In digital marketing, creating content is not just enough – you need to disseminate, share it the correct way. When it comes to making your content reach the masses, there’s no other tool as good as social media, (at least as of now!). The correct use of social media should be an essential for your content marketing strategy.

  1. Target Right!

For example, if you are a hyperlocal website, or sell locally, create content that caters to the local area and audience. For instance,If you sell cushion covers through your website, there’s not much point creating content that addresses men! Got a sense of it?!

  1. Creativity

Monotonous content – whether it is in the form of a series of similar blog posts, or a string of look-alike infographics, is a big turn off for your audience! In fact, the audience is always hungry for creativity, and takes up the surprise elements in your content very well. So you have to take risks, and be creative with your content.

  1. Acknowledge Feedback

When you are creating content from the company’s point of view, there are chances that you will deviate from the core proposition of ‘creating value’, and as a result may lose audience. That’s why, it’s important to take regular feedback on your content, and welcome new ideas.

Digital Series- A Digital Marketing Company believes that if these tips are followed, then the strategy in writing a content on various platforms on the web becomes a lot more easier.


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