Wall Art Speaks at Digital Series!

Wall Art Speaks at Digital Series!

Digital Series, the name sounds a bit technical but the workspace is completely opposite to the name. What defines DS is its new concept that modified the dynamics of a workspace. Unlike the other offices with the usual desk and chair set, it has contemporary interiors.

As you enter the corridor, you’d see numerous offices and the one that attracts you the most is exactly the one you came looking for. The moment you step into the workspace of Digital Series, you’ll be enthralled by the wall art at afar that projects 360 Degree Digital Marketing: A Guide. The wall art is wholeheartedly created by Jashan, a person of paramount talent in their field of art.

Each and every piece has its own significance in reflecting our aims and visions. Not only it attracts your eyes but also keeps you captivated. Quintessentially, it makes our staff motivated and they are excited to be in the workplace every single day.

The wall art contains certain messages that show how creatively Digital Series works. Right from the start you’ll find different artworks such as believe in yourself”, “click with love”, “we don’t think outside the box, we think of what we can do with the box”, “those who tell stories rule the world”, “stop saying tomorrow”, and “teamwork.”  And a big light bulb says “Great Idea” which we can say is self-explanatory. What’s peculiar is that none of the wall art is similar to the other one; not even the font. There is no pattern yet it makes sense.

There is a wall art done with a couple of wooden blocks completely dedicated to the photography. Opposite to it is a wall art that states about the mechanics of working but it has a deeper meaning for us that is brainstorming with what resources you have.

A full top wall is dedicated to #KnowYourDigital where all the features of digital marketing are interestingly painted. Just next to it is the art that represents putting the puzzle together of marketing strategies with a number of animated characters.

What differentiates Digital Series from others is this new concept of a workspace. Not only it gives positive vibes but it also feels like you are in café with vibrant yellow and white wall paint and a bookshelf.  But there is one more thing that needs to be highlighted.

We saved the best for the last. Our Academy has a big wall art of Buddha. No matter in what area you are sitting, you’ll notice that the Buddha’s eyes are looking at you. You can sit and look at it for hours and still you will find it more interesting and mesmerizing. In this fast-paced life, we believe we need something that keeps us calm and provides inner peace. The Buddha is our that something. With a team of workaholics, it was essential to have something that not only calms us but gives us a sense of belongingness.

This is how wall art speaks at Digital Series. In future, we plan to come up with new ideas for our wall art. To us, nothing is permanent and everything has to change with the time.

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