Talk Less and Talk Sense

Talk Less and Talk Sense

‘It’s not what you say, it is how you say’

A trend has been noticed in past few years. The blog is regarding the mode of communication. This trend says that people are much comfortable to communicate via text messages rather than interpersonal communication. We can’t categorize it as right or wrong but the drift has caused the issue of miscommunication.

You might be saying something and it might turn out to be very different to another person. It’s because text messages don’t convey the tone and the feel. You end up using emoji. Still, the interpretation can go wrong.

Let me give you few examples. You have to check its meaning on your own. The examples are taken from the Hindi Language.  Read it again and see what clicks your mind first.

(Bhaag le): It can mean Participate to someone and Run away to someone else.

(Dabb ke): Order or Bow down.

(Kar le):  Take the money or Do it.

While texting there could be a misleading but when there is a face-to-face communication the matter is solved. The artifacts and our gestures can convey many things without the need to speak.

Our Advice: We suggest everyone reading this blog to start communicating effectively. The era of Digital Media is a junction and it has a long way to go.

Do you know? The population responds better when pictures, videos and Gif’s are uploaded along with the text. The emoji are highly in demand. This is all because no one wants to misinterpret a message. People are busy with their lives and not every time they can meet. So, to overcome these issues the video calls are growing their importance. Digital Media is empowering people to communicate well even when they are far away. It is helping them to remove the boundaries.

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