Social Media Ahead…

Social Media Ahead…

Social Media and Social Networking have become an integral part of our Life. There is an actuality we want to show to our clans when we update our day to day activities on various social platforms be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In,  Snap chat, Whatsapp, Google Plus, Pinterest, and YouTube. We like to put check into places we go, post pictures and videos, share stories, create Pages and  even go live on such sites. With internet creating a greater impact on the society it has been a continual source of News, entertainment, and education for users around the world for more than a decade; its most innovative technologies i.e. Social media did not achieve mainstream popularity until about 10 years ago. Present Day Social media sites are one of the most visited destinations of the people on the internet.  Their easy accessibility, simplicity and instinctive design act as an epitome for promoting positive social behavior by encouraging interaction among Friends, relatives, and co-workers.

With Social Media in vogue; individuals, brands, Corporate, Big Organizations and NGO’S are using it in many forms in different platforms for various reasons.  With over 67% of consumers going to social media for customer service it  acts as a” Plain Sailing” for all such houses to create a strong network and presence. Social Media touches every facet of our personal as well as business lives.  For Business, it is not just merely a game of marketing or building Public relations but also coming one step closer to their clients. Every Social Page acts as a human face to your company.  Companies use to the good advantage of such profiles by showcasing their product mix, advertising their campaigns and moreover personally interacting with their customers which would in return increase the Brand Awareness and Loyalty in any geographical area.  With Democratic Business model wherein the power has shifted from the company to customer; every smart business enterprise is taking the best gain of the situation by making Social Media Marketing as an integral part of their business Strategy. When we talk about Social Media Marketing it is very much important to make the most use of your social page. Making your profiles stand out by way of good profile picture, using Hash tags# and Location whenever you share something on your page, adding keywords to the products and services of your business are ways which help you optimize your social media presence.To succeed while incorporating such strategies various Digital marketing agencies are providing  SMO (Social Media Optimization) services so that your brand offers a  value along with the message in order to gain the number of up-votes, likes, or shares it takes to rise to the top and create a monopoly competition.

Also, it helps a business to make Strategic Business decisions by way of keeping a close watch on their competitor’s activities on the web.

Social Media also helps to increase traffic to a company’s website. Not only does it facilitates people to their website, but the more social media shares it receives, the higher its search ranking will be which would automatically optimize their website on the Google search.

Social Media helps Companies for Market Segmentation whenever it plans to expand their product line. It also helps them generate opportunities by way of finding their future employees through the most common professional network i.e. LinkedIn.

“Give as good as you Get” is the key to Success.Endorse, like, comment on or share others’ pages – it not only builds relationships, it gets your name out there on someone else’s site.

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