Jacquard by Google

Jacquard by Google

Google is setting apart rules of the game. Google is undoubtedly the most innovative technology giant in this world. Every new day Google comes up with new services that provide us new ways of looking at old problems. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the new buzz words in United States. Be it augmented reality, robotics or 3D printing, it’s all happening. AI is aimed at changing the way we do our daily chores. Many companies are coming up with innovative ideas and are working towards solving various problems faced by the society.


Google never fails to surprise us with its technological innovations. Google’s small division ATAP which is dedicated to experimentation has come up with a Commuter Trucker jacket in collaboration with Levi’s. Levi’s as we know is a very renowned brand in the clothing industry. This collaboration is a step towards making artificial intelligence enabled tools and devices accessible for all. The woven yarn is enabled with touch sensitivity that enables users to connect their digital life instantly and effortlessly. This jacket is specially designed for urban commuters. Users can handle calls and navigate directions, it also allows them to play, pause and skip music through their favorite playlist.

Customized Controls

Google has also developed the Jacquard app which allows the users to set customized controls. The major activities are performed by using gestures on the left cuff of the jacket. For example if the commuter wants to attend an incoming call, he can simply brush in on the left cuff to attend the call or brush out to reject the call. There are various other features that can be performed using other gestures. Hundreds of hours were spent by the researchers to understand what would be most useful for the urban commuters. The mobile app is available on android devices running on the latest version, it is also available on IOS devices.

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