Freelance is Jobless: Five Grounds

Freelance is Jobless: Five Grounds

If you are working and are planning to replace your job with freelancing, we suggest you to drop that plan right now!  Until and unless you are highly experienced in that field and have at least ten years of experience. In support of this advice, we have jotted down five points. Read them and let us know if you still have any doubts.

  • You get no Perks: You might earn a decent income but you can’t expect any extra benefits like medical coverage, paid leaves, pension etc. You have to rely on the basic income which you earn. That too varies with each assignment. You can’t plan things in advance as you are not sure about your future assignments and thus earnings.
  • Inescapable Work: It might feel great that you don’t have to work 9 to 5. But, the worst part is that you have to work 24*7. If you miss calls and emails you might lose out a big project.
  • Ruined Vacations: You are bound to work during your vacations as well. You might be roaming the streets of New York but your mind is still thinking about the deadlines given to you. You can’t afford to spoil relations with the employer.
  • Lone worker: You are always working alone. This might not teach you the ethics and norms of working with others in an organization. Isn’t that boring to work alone always?
  • Respect Denied: Your friends and family might not understand your work and treat you as unemployed. This can harm your psychology in a long run.


Thus, working as a freelancer is not always frolic rather it is deadline oriented with irregular hours.

If you still cling on working as a freelancer, what chances do you think you have of getting satisfactory work every time you need??

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